The Heart of


Behind every moment of triumph celebrated atop the podium, there are countless hours of preparation sweated out behind the scenes.

This foundational work, though it is largely unacknowledged, is the true heart and soul of bike racing: Tearing down. Rebuilding. Refining. Perfecting. Elite athletes earn greatness through their tireless commitment to excellence. A similar restlessness drives the Norco Race Development (NRD) Program.

The Norco Race Development Program is the heart of technological innovation at Norco Bicycles. It is the systematic testing and feedback process that underpins our ability to design and deliver bicycles capable of competing at the very highest levels of our sport. NRD is the methodical cycle through which Norco innovation evolves: from raw idea to finished product.

The NRD program is built on relationships: there are the relationships elite team athletes share with their bikes, and there are the relationships connecting those athletes with bike design teams at Norco. These partnerships are founded in trust and focused on a mutual goal: winning races. NRD athletes trust that we will enable them to be their very best on race day, and to us that bond is sacred.

Though its branches extend worldwide, the NRD Program is rooted in Canada. The vast and varied Canadian landscape is home to some of the world’s most difficult terrain – on the road and off. Our rugged Canadian topography challenges and inspires, driving us to develop technologies that make our bikes lighter, faster, stronger, more capable and more maneuverable.

In the end, race development makes all of us faster. Familiar with the solid, confident feeling you get from your Range when you lean it hard into a corner? Or the way your Threshold snaps into action when you hammer the pedals off the line? How about the way your Revolver emboldens you to ride faster and push harder? The trickle-down effect highlights another key relationship: the one between Norco Race Development and you.

Our latest Norco Race Development project brought our process into a cross-country setting with the 2016 Norco Revolver. Equipped with rider-approved kinematics optimized for cross-country racing and A.R.T. suspension, the Revolver was created to deliver maximum pedaling efficiency and predictable, stable support when the course gets rough.
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