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Every new Norco is sold with a Warranty. The original owner must register his / her new bicycle within 90 days from the date of purchase with Norco Bicycles ( to complete a record of ownership and to participate in the applicable Warranty and Norco Crash Replacement Program.

Operation Hands Off
Norco and Operation Hands Off have partnered and are pleased to offer free registration of your Norco bicycle on the Operations Hands Off! online database.

Bicycle theft is of top concern to most bike owners. Each year thousands of bicycles are stolen across the country and in many cases are never recovered. While many stolen bikes end up in police custody they are rarely returned to the owner due to lack of positive identification.

In fact, on average less than 10% of recovered property is returned to the owner.

Thieves also know that most bikes are rarely identified and count on this to easily sell stolen bikes and other property. In many cases the thieves will even take stolen property to other cities to ensure that the chance of getting caught is reduced.

Don't allow this to happen to your bike! By registering the bike you add international traceability, which creates fear and uncertainty in the mind of the criminal and creates barriers to profiting from property theft.

The National Bike Registry is a project supported by Canadian Crime Stoppers Association, Bicycle Trade Association of Canada and Norco Bicycles.

When you register your bike with Norco, you can elect to have your serial number and details forwarded onto Operation Hands Off! for inclusion in their database.

Norco dealers can provide you with free Operation Hands Off! decals that, when applied to your bike, act as a further deterrent to a potential thief.