Ares 20" - $419CAD

Ares Key benefits

  1. Norco-designed hi-tensile steel BMX frame:

    Clean design with modern geometry and features. delivering maximum strength and ride feel for all-day sessions.

  2. Norco-designed handlebars:

    Wider and taller BMX bars designed by Norco BMX team riders to offer control, strength and comfort.

  3. Norco-designed fork:

    tapered BMX fork to deliver maximum weight savings with zero sacrifice to toughness and durability.

  4. Durable and lightweight spec:

    Components are selected to deliver the very best in strength and performance with the minimum amount of weight.

  5. Compact drive gearing:

    Smaller sprockets with 9-tooth cassette drivers are lightweight and stay out of the way for grinds and other maneuvers.