Ryde 24

Ryde 24 - $599CAD

Ryde 24 Key benefits

  1. Norco-designed steel frame:

    Stiff and sturdy with horizontal dropouts for simple chain tensioning.

  2. Rider-influenced geometry:

    Short chain stays, low standover, dialed head angles and low BBs are the direct result of rider input.

  3. Lightweight, tough components:

    From cranks to disc brakes, every component is handpicked to deliver maximum weight savings with zero sacrifice to toughness and durability.

  4. Wide, mid-rise handlebars:

    As demanded by Norco’s Dirt/Street team riders, wide, mid-rise bars deliver optimal control and maneuverability in the air and on the ground.

  5. Dirt Jump-specific fork:

    Lightweight, stiff, and responsive fork intended for dirt jump use