DH Race/Park

Seconds at the start gate feel like an eternity. Mind and body are pulsing - in perfect sync. Your line gives you the edge you need; your bike will help you stick it.

Aurum Carbon

Aurum Alloy


Charge fearlessly down the mountain, then pedal back to the top to do it again. Hours in the saddle leave our minds and bodies drained… we leave everything on the racecourse.

Range Carbon

Range Alloy

All Mountain

Modern mountain bike trails take us all over the mountain – our bikes and bodies are ready. Up or down, mountain biking means doing it all.

Sight Carbon

Sight Alloy


To some, it’s about carving endless ribbons of buff, flowy singletrack. To others, it’s the challenge of punchy trails, technical climbs and off-camber roots. Yes, yes and yes.

Optic Carbon 7

Optic Carbon 9

Optic Alloy 7

Optic Alloy 9

Fluid 7

Fluid 7 Forma

Fluid 26"

Trail Plus

Plus means more. More traction. More control. More fun. Get a grip and dominate greasy roots, loose climbs and technical descents like never before. 

Torrent 7

Fat Bike

Exploring a snow-covered trail in the dead of winter or cruising the beach under the heat of the summer sun, we are all-season cyclists.



Bigfoot E

Race XC

Speed, skill and stamina will earn you a spot on the start line, but owning the climbs on race day will get you to the podium. An impeccably timed attack and the day is yours.

Revolver 9 FS

Revolver 7 FS

Revolver 9 HT

Revolver 7 HT

Cross Country

There’s a reason we call them the great outdoors. There is no limit to the possibilities out here. If you can still hear traffic sounds, keep on pedaling until they fade away…

Charger 9

Charger 7

Charger 7 Forma

Storm 7

Storm 7 Forma