Aurum Aluminum

Aurum Aluminum

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Aurum A7.1 - $4649CAD
Aurum A7.2 - $3949CAD

Aurum Aluminum Key benefits

  1. Aurum Aluminum Killer B MKII Frame:

    World Cup proven geometry with integrated fork bumper, shuttle guard and removable fender.

  2. Gravity Tune:

    Ensures optimal body position and weight distribution to riders of all sizes, delivering superior handling and control at high speeds.

  3. A.R.T. suspension:

    Supple, predictable and proven suspension for greater confidence and control.

  4. DH-Optimized 7spd Drivetrain:

    All the gears you need and nothing more; reduced rear end width for better heel and hazard clearance.

  5. 650B Wheels:

    Faster rolling speed, better rollover and enhanced traction for high speed cornering.