Range Aluminum 7

Range Aluminum 7

Range A7.1 - $5149CAD
Range A7.2 - $4449CAD
Range A7.3 - $3599CAD

Range Aluminum 7 Key benefits

  1. Norco Range Aluminum frame with Enduro geometry:

    Tubes are manipulated into precise, structurally superior shapes with strategic curves and tapers for added strength, weight savings and flowing lines.

  2. Gravity Tune:

    Ensures optimal body position and weight distribution to riders of all sizes, delivering superior handling and control at high speeds.

  3. Enduro Forks:

    650B-specific, 170mm forks deliver plush travel and superior stiffness for aggressive descents.

  4. A.R.T. Suspension:

    optimized kinematics for Enduro racing; tames burly trails for maximum speed and control. Compatible with piggyback-style air shocks.

  5. 650B wheels:

    Enhance the ride experience and amplify rider skill – larger wheels smooth out rough, off-camber descents, giving riders more control and confidence at high speed.