Bigfoot 6.1 - $2010CAD
Bigfoot 6.2 - $1620CAD
Bigfoot 6.3 - $1175CAD

Bigfoot Key benefits

  1. Norco-designed 6061 aluminum frame with formed tubing:

    lightweight and sturdy with low standover for all frame sizes – perfectly suited for riding through snow or sand.

  2. Suspension corrected fatbike fork:

    Lightweight, tough and with lots of tire clearance for the 26 x 4.0 tire.

  3. 26 x 4.0 tire:

    Excellent volume and a mid-duty tread – perfect for riding through snow, sand and other variable terrain.

  4. Mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes:

    Deliver superior stopping power and utilize DOT fluid, which won’t freeze up like mineral oil used in other brake systems.

  5. Low gearing options:

    Low gearing for riding through snow or sand; while helping to counteract increased rolling resistance of larger tires.