Race performance means zero compromise. Every effort is directed towards gaining an edge over your opponents — or your own personal best. Define your victory and own it.


Leaving the house before dawn so you can crack a century before lunch. Every kilometre earned. The ride is an escape and the journey is everything. The pace is up to you.


Brand new for 2015, the Search is more than a road bike: it is an all road bike. It is for those who search out challenging topography and an escape from the familiar – riders driven by an insatiable desire to discover that which lies around the next bend or over the crest of the next hill…


The toughest riders don’t shy away from harsh weather: they embrace it. Rain, wind, sand and mud? Bring it on. No one said bike racing was supposed to be easy.


Touring bikes offer a classic ride for modern times. Merging Norco’s heritage with new-age technology, this is where sport meets comfort.