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It seems to me that there is a lack of information flow between the cycling manufacturer and the cycling community. Is this because there is a curtain of mystery, or is it simply because the lines of communication have been closed for so long that the need for bi-lateral communication has been forgotten?

I would like to revitalize the information flow between manufacturer and consumer. As a cycling company, Norco’s existence isĀ  because of our valued customers and their unique opinions. I hope that this blog can be a portal of information. This is my voice to the consumer and a means of feedback on my thoughts and Norco Performance Bikes.

Please, comment on my ramblings, ask questions, dig deeper, I am here for the consumer, I am here to help you and I am here to help Norco meet your unique needs.


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  1. Rob Cashin Says:

    Hi … thought I’d grab the opportunity to be the first commenter on your blog. Great idea.

    I’m new to cycling (other than as a kid or teenager). I bought a Norco in Aug 08 … been loving it ever since. Nothing extreme … my 48 year old bones might not be as tough these days. But weather permitting way out here in St. John’s NL, I try to get out every day … though it’s been sparse riding since December.

    Good luck with the blog.


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