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Norco Product Launch – Day 3

Day three of the Norco Product Launch is the day where media, distributors and dealers are present. The whole shebang of people are all here to see the new line of bikes. Following 8 different planned rides, several meetings,  and some intimate time with the bikes, today ended with a BBQ at Inter-River Park in North Vancouver. A great day of riding deserves good beer and good company- this is what the BBQ is about. Now I will admit that after three days of riding, talking, wrenching, driving, photoing, and blogging…. I am getting a little bit tired so I am going to let some photos tell the rest of the story.


‘A Person With A Camera’

Photography is an area that has turned a leaf over the past decade through the advancement of digital technology. Photography used to be an art, an art that was exclusive to the truly talented photographer. Now there are two types of photographers out there. I like to categorize as ‘photographers’ and ‘people with camera’s’. Now before I dig any deeper into this, I would like to point out that I fit comfortably into the second category. I am a “person with a camera”

First off, I will date myself by admitting that the first camera I ever owned was digital. . . yes, it is sad but it is also true. Around 2001 I received the gift of a Kodak Easyshare camera with a whopping 2.1Megapixel resolution. I could enlarge a photo up to a massive 4″ by 6″ with only minor pixelation. Through a few more sub-par point-and -shoots I finally stepped up in 2006 and bought an SLR. Mind you this was a Canon AE-1 Program which was introduced in 1981, long before I was born . . . This was my first intro into what a camera could do. (using technology that was 25 years old). After many wasted rolls of film and several blurry, underexposed photos that made everyone dizzy, this past December I finally purchased a digital SLR. . . Ever since I have truly embraced being a “Person with a Camera”

Let me step back a bit and give you some more background info… My father has been a professional photographer for the past 35 years or so, therefor he knows a thing or two. He shoots mostly wildlife such as birds, plants, insects, mammals etc. and in my bias opinion he does a spectacular job. I remember back a while  getting some pointers on photography and he said, “in order to get an adequate depth of field you must shoot at a minimum of F-11″ . Well, you try taking a photo of a cyclist at F-11… Especially living in Vancouver where it rains all winter and you are stuck in a dense forest. Realistically you are lucky to be shooting at F5, never mind a minimum of F-11. Cycling is an area that is extremely difficult to take photos in and everyone with a camera is trying their hand at it.

There are some truly talented photographers out there such as Harookz, Ian Hylands, and Dan Barham. Among others, these guys can do things with light that I could never dream of accomplishing. To take a crisp, focused, well exposed image of a cyclist involves working in the worst of lighting, the fastest of speeds and the most remote of terrains, really there is nothing working in your favour…

Again, Photography is an art, to even grasp a fraction of what there is to know takes decades and still you are only scratching the surface. Props to those that are doing it, props to those who are trying but from one ‘person with a camera’ to another, remember there is a lot of room to learn and a lot of room to improve. I know I know very little, I can learn a lot. I want to learn as much as possible.

Mind you these are nothing but the ramblings of a ‘person with a camera’ and who am I to give advice about photography?


a photo by "a guy with a camera"

a photo by "a person with a camera"

Why I Love My Bike


Love is a strong word that signifies not only an emotional bond but also deeper connection that goes beyond superficial attraction and companionship. Love is formed around a relationship that is intertwined at one’s roots and aligned with personal morals and ideals. Love is something that shapes character and evolves over time into a broad, all-encompassing connection. If I had to describe one thing that shaped my childhood, and guided me to where I am today I would describe my bike. If it wasn’t for my bike I would not be who I am, I would not be where I am and I would not be heading in my current direction. If it wasn’t for my bike I would not be me.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Sprockids youth cycling club. This is a program founded in Western Canada that gets kids on bikes. In addition the kids are able to learn environmental responsibility, leadership skills and much more. It was because of this program that I started mountain biking and purchased my first mountain bike, a 1996 Norco Magnum. It was on this bike and through the Sprockids program that my love for two wheels took off. It was riding my bike that let me be as free as I wanted while learning the skills that would become so important later in life.

Through racing, coaching, teaching and working my high school career seemed only a necessary evil which separated me from the immense trail network that is found on the Sunshine Coast, a community just north of Vancouver. This is an area that breathes cycling. Mountain biking is at the foundation of the community and through this bond, some of the greatest mountain biking around can be found in the area. Finishing off grade some of the best riding around in my backyard, I found myself heading off to University cramming as many bikes into my cramped closet of a dorm room as possible and getting out riding whenever possible… Long story short, after four years of riding/school, I graduated University and set out into the big, scary ‘Real World’.

In the real world I was welcomed as a part of the Norco Family in Port Coquitlam BC. Through Norco there is little to do with my daily life that isn’t directly related to bikes and riding. With any luck at all a day at the office surrounded by bikes is followed by a pedal around the local trails. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without a bike and frankly I hope I never have to find out. I have grown up on a bike, I have been raised by a community of cyclists and it is pretty rare to spend a day without throwing a leg over a bike. I love my bike!

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Why Do You Love Your Bike?

i love my bike

Why do you love your bike? Is it the freedom to go where you want when you want? the ability to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle? or, is it the adrenalin of flying overhead with your friends cheering?

We all love cycling for different reasons and here at Norco, we want to hear why you love your bike. Some reasons are simple while others are long-winded; no matter what the reason long or short, we still want to know.

Please, share your stories, adventures, philosophies, feelings or whatever and hey, you might even get something out of it. . . .

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Crankworx 2009 – A Flurry of Activity on and off the Mountain


Whistler’s Crankworx festival is 10 days of activity that leaves the spectators in awe with world renound riders pushing the boundaries of cycling beyond what anyone would have believe possible a mere 5 years ago. Crankworx is more than just 10 days of incredible mountain biking though, it is also home of Canada’s largest consumer expo, trials demos, product launches, video premiers and more.


One of many highlights of the crankworx festival were the world famous Ryan Leech Trials Demos. Ryan was set up in the village next to the norco tents where approximately 25 2010 bikes were on display. Ryan conducted a total of 12 demos through the week. Each show attracted hundreds of spectators. Those who watched the show also were able to stick around for autographed posters and DVDs afterward. A lucky few from each show walked away in style with some brand new Ryders Eyewear.


On the trials front as well Crankworx hosted Trialsworx a trials competition taking place in the scenic Whistler Village. Norco’s one and only Dylan Korba took time away from the Boneyard to compete in the competition. As usual we were all left wondering, what can’t this guy do?


Norco World Team rider Fionn Griffiths is no stranger to ascending the podium but crankworx must have been wearing her out as she was up there all week. With a 2nd in the Dual Slalom, 1st in the Air DH and a 1st in the Canadian Open Enduro Fionn was representing the Brits at the top. Norco Factory Team Up and comer Nick Geddes also climbed to the top in the Enduro beating out all the other junior men by nearly a minute.


The biggest event of the Crankworx festival in undoubtedly the slopestyle competition. With all the big names showing up such as Semenuk, McCaul, Watts, Lacondeguy and more we all knew we were in for a show. In front of all 10,000+ fans lining the course, Watts pulled off the victory while Lacondeguy took best trick pulling out of his moto-bag a 360 Flat Spin Superman! All I can say is that I am impressed…

Another year in the books and already looking forward to next year!