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Canadian Cyclebetes Tour is Under Way

Back on August 24th, a motorhome of dedicated individuals started off on the epic journey across Canada on a mission to raise money and awareness for juvenile diabetes. This is the Accu-Chek Cyclebetes Tour. Starting off in Halifax Nova Scotia and heading west the team is taking turns riding a Norco tandem bike across the country. The team is sharing the journey with those that have been affected by this terrible disease along the way.


After the bike touched the Atlantic Ocean it headed east towards the Pacific. With countless hours of preparation behind and countless hours of riding ahead the team was off.tandemgroup

The Cyclebetes team is now in Sudbury Ontario and making their way back home. You can follow their journey though by tracking their GPS Progress, watching their Facebook page, following them on Twitter, or reading their blog.

This is an incredible journey for a wonderful cause. Congratulations on the journey so far and good luck on the road ahead!

Welcome to the Norco Blog

It seems to me that there is a lack of information flow between the cycling manufacturer and the cycling community. Is this because there is a curtain of mystery, or is it simply because the lines of communication have been closed for so long that the need for bi-lateral communication has been forgotten?

I would like to revitalize the information flow between manufacturer and consumer. As a cycling company, Norco’s existence isĀ  because of our valued customers and their unique opinions. I hope that this blog can be a portal of information. This is my voice to the consumer and a means of feedback on my thoughts and Norco Performance Bikes.

Please, comment on my ramblings, ask questions, dig deeper, I am here for the consumer, I am here to help you and I am here to help Norco meet your unique needs.