The A to Z (well… actually 2 to Y) of 2011 Norco Bikes

With the Launch of the 2011 Norco Bike Lineup, you are probably scouring the internet trying to find a photo of what could be your next bike. Well, here are photos of the lineup for you to enjoy. The photos are listed alphabetically from the 250 down to the Yorkville. Have a look through and tell us what you like best!

42 thoughts on “The A to Z (well… actually 2 to Y) of 2011 Norco Bikes

  1. Hi guys havin great fun rippin it up on my new LT 6.1 2010 model until my rear mech hanger snapped and cannot source a replacement from anyone !! Would realy appreciate any feedback as its a very expensive clothes horse at moment !

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    • The size sticker is placed on the top tube next to the head tube. If you have removed this sticker, the easiest way to tell is to measure the length of the seat tube from the centre of the BB.

    • In Europe for self supporting fully loaded long distances bicycle touring is best treking bicycle or touring bicycle designed for this activity. Sport touring mean much shorter trips on hybryd – city bicycle , MTB or even cruiser …….Sport touring in Europe and in North America can be even light touring on racing road bicycle – sometimes is called credit card touring .

  3. Hi i was wondering what size of norco wolverine i should get i tried to measure myself with my friend and couldnt understand the directions to measuring im about 5 feet ?

  4. hi was wondering what size wolverine you would suggest i buy the 17inch or the 18.5inch im about 5 foot 10 and want it for riding rough trails? also what model wolverine has the silver paint with white forks? cheers

  5. thanks heaps i got the 2010 wolverine 19inch and i love it! but when i have a closer look at my crankset i can see right in to the red bearing case and there is thread around that part of frame? should there be some sort of cover for it or is it completley sealed just like that?

  6. Hi,

    What has the feedback been like on the Malahat?

    I want a comfortable ride for mainly commuting, and 3-4 hour touring rides on roads or paved paths… Is the Malahat a good fit?

    • All Norco signature MTB and all trick Norco bicycle is nicely designed and well made. I am sure that you will find frame from Norco for your needs . My superkamikaze friend flying Norco frame did.

  7. Just want to ask when Norco Charger 29er – Model 2012 will be on stores ? I did order one – size 20”. I use my sligtly modified touring Trek 520 for long distances tours on asphalt or nice and fast hardpacked roads . I just want MTB Norco Charger 9.1 to prepare and sligtly modifi for my next long distance tour on bad roads in bicycle shop . All nesseserly parts for modification like Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28 x 1.75 tires , PG 61 cassete and another parts is in bike shop . Only problem I have is my Norco bicycle which do not arrive to bicycle shop yet . All higher end Norco 29 er size 20” last year model I like to buy is gone long time ago! Can you help?

  8. I pay full amout in bicycle shop in advance ( end of November 2011) for 2012 model Norco Charger 9.1 + some parts and accesories – I am ornithologist, so those nice and helpfull people I know for years have plenty of time to prepare this 29er exactly for my needs . I miss deal for another nicely build 2011 MTB in favour to canadian company. I got assurence that time in bicycle shop from Norco employe that this MTB will arrive before Xmass! Today 8 February when I for 3rd time personaly contacted Norco in Port Coquitlam over the telephone I was informed that there was some problem with frame so Norco Charger will be in shop in May. Just let you know that spring birds migration start in Canada in end of February and so my study of all declining species …. My touring Trek 520 not handle rough and logging roads here in BC I have to use it ! Why you let me down I really want to know!

  9. Do these women cruisers like the city glide come in all colours? I am going to purchase in Ontario at my husbands bike guy, but, I am really not into the girly colours. Thanks.

  10. I finally have it from Cap’s this versatile Norco Charger 9.1 – again modified for self supporting tours exactly how I wanted – again Cap’s bicycle here in Richmond BC, did incredible job just on time. To today 218 km on rough logging roads , 205 km fully loaded on hard packed fast roads and about 172 km on asphalt pulling about 40 kg of equipment in modified Croozer touring cargo trailer. Norco Charger 9.1 is nicely build bicycle and perform on all kinds of roads flawlessly. I like Norco Charger comfortable frame geometry good for long distances rides . My Norco Charger 9.1 set up? Schwalbe Marathon Plus, racks, top of the line Shimano components, Shimano SPD, Bondrager computer, Garmin GPS, Axiom panniers and some Axiom accesories to make my life on tours easy. Even rear rack is modified to carry extra two bidons of water in double cage integrated to rear rack. I was little skeptical about this Norco XC but after first trip to wilderness I realized that Norco Charger 9.1 is really amazing bicycle. To bad I did not try this Norco bicycle on tour in Arizona and in New Mexico months ago. Trek 520 is one of the best touring bicycle if you ride on asphalt . On trails where Charger is home will be more fun and more birds ….. Never mind. Next year I will hit Arizona trails for sure!

  11. I have a question regarding Norco Comfort bikes. Is there a weight restriction on them. I have lost weight but I still need to lose another 85 lbs. I weigh 232 lbs. Where you can adjust the height so that a person is more comfortable, will the weight cause the seat/post go down and not stay where I want it to stay. Will that clamp hold??

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