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  • California Road Trip – Day One

    Today was an early morning. Long before the crack of dawn, I felt my way down the front steps while nursing a coffee for the warmth and caffeine. Both were necessary as it was 5:30AM and my world was covered in a blanket of frost.
    Heading towards the border I made two quick stops to pick up both Darcy and Ryan then we were off to the border. Needless to say, traffic is not an issue at this unfortunate hour. . . .

    A quick 12 hours or so on the I5 later, and we have progressed. Through Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, and Grant’s Pass. Next stop Redding CA. Redding will be home for an evening before heading on. Santa Cruz tomorrow. . . Our First Day of Riding!

    Check back tomorrow for riding photos and more. (not that driving isn’t exciting)

    DustanRyan - V-Blogging

    Day 1

    Oregon Sky