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  • 2009 Race Season, Kicking it off!


    Now that we are well into March, my legs have been twitching with anticipation. Even though Vancouver has seen a few inches of snow in the past week, my mind is telling me that SPRING IS HERE! . . . I believe the expression is, ‘ignorance is bliss’. Well, this past weekend, I woke up early Saturday morning and headed to North Van – The Shore!

    This was no regular Saturday though, with my accomplis Eric, we headed over the bridge with a single bike. Not the bike you would expect either. A Norco Fluid and a pair of running shoes were all we needed to enter the Dirty Duo. This is a ‘spring’ race which involves a 25km trail run and a 30km mountain bike ride. We were lucky enough to have had a couple inches of snow the night before so the trails were dusted with powder all day.

    The Running came first. At 8:00am, a small crowd of 31 people  headed off in a train for a 25km trail run/scramble. Starting off on Baden Powel then Onto Twin Bridges, the pace was quick and determination was high. We then moved on to Bridle Path, Old Buck, and Fishermens’.  As I was flailing down the steep, rocky descents my Ankles seemed to be at risk for catastrophic failure with every step. It is fairly concerning as you are mid-air, looking 5ft down trying to pick your landing. . . .  Anyway, after a lung-busting climb and a bone-rattling descent I emerged, no worse for the wear. We were 2hrs 27min into our adventure and now it was time for Eric to take over.

    The mountain biking portion of the race was slightly longer than the run, but not much faster. Involving near-vertical climbs and super-technical descents, the 30kms was expected to take well over 2hrs for any avid rider. The snow was not making this estimate any shorter. Following many of the same trails as the run, riding also incorporated Good Samaritan (also known as Severed Dick) and a few other infamous trails. Fighting with the elements, traction and gravity, Eric raced to the finish line in a sprint finish along side adversary Matt Green after a mere 2hrs 12 min of riding.

    Congrats to everyone who competed and thank you Dirty Duo for another great race.