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  • 2010 Norco Team – Better Than Ever!

    The Norco Team has some new faces these days along side some well known members. Spanning across disciplines from XC to Road, Slopestyle to DH and Track to Trials there is a Norco rider that can do just about everything.


    The Newest addition for 2010 is the H&R Block Road Team. Since 2006 the team has been competing at the Elite National level and will look south in 2010 at expanding into the US. Check out more info on the team at http://www.norco.com/team or http://www.teamhrblock.ca/

    The Rest of the Norco team is better than ever too, here is the roster:

    Ryan Leech is starting his 15th year wearing a Norco jersey. For 2010 he will continue to amaze spectators with his amazing trials show as well as inspire youth with the Trials of Life education program

    Jay hoots is starting his 10th year in the Norco family. Through freeriding and Park Building Jay will travel the world and turn it inside-out along the way.

    Dylan Korba is Norco’s ‘if it has two wheels I will ride it’ team member. Dylan can be spotted riding street, freeride, slopestyle, trials or anything else that resembles a bike. Maybe next year he will launch his road career?

    Mislav Mironovic a.k.a the Croatian Sensation lives on his bike. In Europe Mislav competes in slopestyle and dirtjump competitions, watch for him though in North America this summer around Crankworx time.

    Darcy ‘smiles’ Turenne. Between competing, filming and riding Darcy will make the rounds in 2010. Watch for her at major events such as Crankworx and Sea Otter; if you spot her come over and say hello!

    National XC champion Andrew Watson is back for 2010 and will likely be ripping up the National Circuit again this year. Lets just hope that the Moustache doesn’t come back.

    Catherine Vipond is racing the National XC circuit for 2010. Coming off a great season in 2009 Catherine will be fighting her way to the front of the pack all across Canada.

    Young Gunner, Nick Geddes is racing the DH/4X circuit and not looking back. Keep your eyes on the Junior Podium and you may just find Nick rising to the top.

    Newcomer Sam Dueck is a new addition to the team for 2010. With a 2009 season including Goatstyle, Crankworx Colorado and Crankworx Whistler, watch for Sam to make a splash in the 2010 Slopestyle circuit.

    Ben Kaufmann is the first BMX rider to join the Norco Team in some time. Ben will be competing in events on the East Coast of Canada and may even come out to say hi in the West. Ben adds a new flavour to the team and will bring new energy for 2010.

    Watch for more on Ben coming soon!

    Fionn Griffiths is taking on the world once again with the Norco World Team, watch for her travelling the world cup circuit again for 2010.

    Bernard Kerr is moving up in 2010. Coming off a recent title of British Junior Champion, Bernard will be stepping up to the plate on the Norco World team trying his hand in the pro category.