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  • The Trip Home – Living the Life

    April 19, 2010

    Working the event schedule can get a little bit tiring. Long drives, Standing for hours and hours, little-to-no sleep etc. etc… BUT, it is still a lot of fun and there are some pretty awesome perks to the job as well. Yesterday was the last day of the 2010 Sea Otter Classic and time to start thinking about the drive north to our soggy home of Vancouver BC. This time though we decided to mix it up a bit. Rather than rushing into 24hrs of drive time, we took a rolling start with a morning of Surfing in Santa Cruz followed by checking out the Post Office Jumps in Aptos. This is where there was a jump jam happening with a few big names. Norco riders Sam Dueck and Bernard Kerr came out to hit the jumps and have some fun after a long week in Laguna Seca.

    Check out a few photos from a great morning before heading back to the office. It is times like this that I think, Life is pretty good. A week  of the world’s best racing, hitting the surf then watching some of the worlds best dirt jumpers in action.