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  • Interbike Dirt Demo – Day One

    September 20, 2010

    Dirt Demo is the first two days of Las Vegas’ Interbike Trade show. This is where dealers, media and distributors have a chance to come out and try 2011 product before it is available. Today was day one of two and it went off without a hitch. For the event Norco brought out a fleet of demos that were in and out all day. Through the day it was not an uncommon sight to see a line of empty racks as the Range, Shinobi, Phaser and Vixa were some of the hottest bikes in boulder city.

    The Norco Setup at Dirt Demo

    Again at 40+ degree temperatures you couldn't drink enough water

    Between Laps, Factory Team Riders Jay Hoots and Ryan Leech were out signing posters through the day

    Darcy was also busy with media and dealers all day

    After a long day in the desert, nothing tastes quite like a cold beer. It is good to keep tools handy for suck an occasion.