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  • Norco Judan Belt Review

    September 14, 2010

    After the ‘10 Norco product launch, I asked Norco if I could spend more time on the Judan Belt Drive 29er. When in Vancouver for the ‘10 product launch I was able to spend an amazing day mashing around on the bike at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.  You can find my initial ride report here.  Funny enough, even after having the bike for several months, my initial characterization still stands.  I’d tell you now, but that would ruin the fun of reading the review.  And just so you are a little the wiser, Judan is the 10th degree of black belt ranking in the Japanese Dan martial arts ranking system. And this is a belt drive bike that looks like a ninja.  But you get it, right, belt and belt?

    Read the full review at: mtbr.com