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  • Norco Range 1 Review – The Adventure Journal

    June 30, 2011

    The 2011 Range, Norco’s 160mm-travel “all-mountain” bike, is the kind of technological marvel you end up with when you get a team of really smart engineers together, arm them with advanced modeling software, supply them an endless stream of cheap Canadian lager and energy drinks, and then challenge them to improve on something that was already pretty great to begin with.

    Showcasing Norco’s newly launched full-suspension platform — an optimization of the Specialized FSR/Horst-linkage called Advanced Ride Technology, or ART — the Range delivers on the all-mountain promise of a lightweight trail bike that climbs as well as it descends and has a healthy appetite for devouring all types of terrain, from tight, technical, singletrack to fast, flowy jump lines.

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