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    NSMB.com Takes the Range 2 out for a Gallop

    June 14, 2011

    NSMB.com has come out with a review of the 2011 Norco Range 2. As a 6″ travel all Mountain bike the Range 2 comes in at around $3700 CAN and offers the same advantages in pedaling and suspension as it’s higher end brothers the Range 1 and Range SE. Thinking about a new Do-All Mountain Bike then check out this review.

    During the ride, Stuart and I were chatting about how bikes don’t seem to have big ‘wow’ type changes anymore. Not long after that, I thought to myself, “Wow, this bike really climbs well.”  That’s when I realized that refinements to things like suspension designs can still have a wow factor, it’s just a little more subtle than the huge sweeping changes like when hydroformed tubing first came out, or the first 7” single crown fork was introduced.

    The Range persisted on more gentle but cobbly climbs without losing traction or giving me any feeling of being held back. As long as my legs could keep going, the bike complied like a loyal dog.  Getting up and out of the saddle on more technical climbs didn’t change how the Range acted at all; it just stuck to the ground and pressed on. I never felt that annoying tug of a bump trying to hold back the bike as the suspension compressed on the way up and over.

    Read The Full Review at NSMB.com