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    June 10, 2011

    Over the coming months there seem to be countless cycling events on the calendar. One of the largest events in Canada is the Ride To Conquer Cancer. There are four different Ride To Conquer Cancer tours across Canada where more than 10,000 riders are expected to raise in excess of $10,000,000 towards cancer research. With this many people participating, it is relatively likely that you could be riding in an event in the coming months. Whether you are riding in the RTCC or just for a Sunday Ride, there are a few things that you can do to make your ride, race or fundraiser a little easier.

    1. Fitness Preparation

    With all the hype around these large fund raising events such as the RTCC it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and forget about the training aspects. Raising money for a great cause is one thing but you still need to get on the bike and ride a considerable distance in preparation. Although it may be too late now to follow a proper training schedule, leading up to the event be sure to spend time on the bike and build up to the distance that you will be covering when event day comes around. Preparing for the ride will help to build the muscle you need but also let you know what your body needs for nourishment during such activity. Food, Water, Rest and Sleep all come into play and you don’t want to be learning how your body is going to react on the big day.

    2. Bike Preparation

    Your bike can be a friend or foe during a long ride. Making sure that it is in pristine working order prior to event day will help to ensure the ride goes as smooth as possible. Take your bike into a local bike shop for a tuneup a week or so before the event date. Be sure to check your brake pads and tires for signs of wear, check your wheels for true and be sure your shifting running smooth. It is easier, cheaper and less stressful to deal with potential issues prior to the start of the ride. After having your bike checked out, head out for at least one ride before the event. While it has been fixed, you will want to make sure that everything is perfect before heading off.

    3. On Ride Preparation

    What happens when you are mid-ride and catastrophe happens? How are you going to fix that flat tire or broken chain? A simple preparedness kit can save you when things go south. Bringing along a spare tube, multi-tool, pump, patch kit, chain link, bandages and some cash can be the difference between pulling your hair out and having a quick pitstop. All of this gear can easily fit into an under-seat bag that is small light and convenient. If you don’t already have a kit, head to your local shop and pick one up, it is an inexpensive way to keep safe and rolling. If you do have a kit, open it up and do a quick inspection. Make sure that everything is there and in good working order.

    With these three boxes checked off you are ready for the ride. We’ll See you out there!