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    Norco Revolver 7 FS

    Revolver 7 FS

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    Revolver 7 HT

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    Revolver 9 FS

    Norco Revolver 9 HT

    Revolver 9 HT

    Norco Sight Alloy

    Sight Alloy

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    Sight Carbon

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    Pinkbike With Some Highlights From Interbike

    Norco caught up with the crew at pinkbike during Interbike this year to run through a few of the new bikes for 2012. In true Pinkbike style a left curve was thrown in when talking about the Norco Truax and it’s history. Really, the clip is about the history of freeride and the evolution of the category. This is one of three videos though running through the Sight, Revolver and Truax. Check out the article and the videos at pinkbike.com