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    Norco Aurum Carbon 7

    Aurum Carbon 7

    Converting to 142mm – it is that easy

    November 16, 2011

    One of pinkbike’s differentiating features is their Tech Tuesday article that teaches followers how to build, fix and maintain different aspects of their bikes. From headsets to chains, forks to tires there are a ton of great articles archived in the Tech Tuesday File. This week’s article is about Mavic Wheels and adapting them to 142mm spacing. While we don’t all ride Mavic wheels the concept is the same for many wheel manufacturers. If you are not convinced that 142mm rear axle spacing is the best standard have a look at this article and see just how easy it is to convert your current wheel setup. (P.S. This also works for 157mm)

    Watch the video at Pinkbike.com