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    Norco Revolver Carbon

    Revolver Carbon

    The Revolver 2 Overviewed with 29eronline

    January 3, 2012

    Just in time for our 29erOnline road trip to Georgia, Norco got us a 2012 Norco Revolver 2 bike to test. This is Norco’s very capable 4 inch front and rear travel cross country/trail bike. The Norco Revolver 2 is, as Norco puts it, an “un-race bike that can be raced.” It is light enough to be competitive and stiff enough to be fun. “Norco says it is “a 29er for the people ..the faster people.”

    The Revolver 2 has a suggested retail price of $3,350 US dollars. It is offered in two additional kits, the Revolver 1 for $5,375 and the lower priced Revolver 3 for $2,425. For those of us who like to custom spec our bikes or who have a bunch of parts lying around that we want to use, Norco has a frame set for $2100 US. At first glance you may think that for $325 US you can get the complete Revolver 3. However the frame kit comes with a Fox rp23 boost valve rear shock. Also included in the price is a seat post , headset and seat clamp.

    read the full overview at 29eronline.com