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  • The Truax up Close and Personal From the Roots of the Shore

    Norco’s roots are in British Columbia Canada at the base of Vancouver’s North Shore. In fact, a large part of Norco’s continued success can be attributed to the iconic “Shore” model that evolved from 2001 to 2011. The successor of the Shore is the Norco Truax and it seems only fitting that NSMB have a kick at reviewing this evolution in Norco’s interpretation of freeride.

    The Truax spent a good bit of the summer on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, performing ‘self-access gravity riding’ (Norco’s term) duties, as well as punching out Whistler bikepark laps. The ‘freeride’ label fits the bike, though that moniker seems to be of fading relevance. Perhaps ‘big hit trailbike with bike park inclinations’ is an effective descriptor, if a bit cumbersome. Regardless, this is a long travel bike of burly build, with perfectly capable climbing abilities despite its not so svelte girth. Speaking of which, listed weight is 36.3lbs; my scale indicates 37.5lbs for my medium example. Unfortunately, optimistic weight claims are not unexpected in this industry, but I like to be pleasantly surprised by accuracy occasionally.

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