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    Photo by Morgan Taylor/NSMB

    photo by Morgan Taylor/NSMB

    Are we finally shaking off Mr. Winter and getting to some springtime weather?  March has come and gone and it was a wet one around here. I still managed to ride pretty much every day last month, even if it was a quick rip in the morning with my pup, or a commute in to work. I didn’t miss one longer ride on the weekends either; the training plan was all checked off, WhooHooo.   I’m ready for some sun though.

    You know, as the title says, bikes are cool.  I’ve been lucky enough to ride a 2012 SIGHT for the past couple of months. Wow, this bike rules! It is frisky and fast, climbs like a billy-goat on EPO and always seems to want more.  I can see why this bike was recently named TRAIL BIKE OF THE YEAR!!  It deserves it.   Man that’s a fun bike.  If you have a chance, swing a leg over one soon, it will not disappoint.

    Thinking back on some history, this adds to the 125 being named DIRT JUMP BIKE OF THE YEAR in 2003 and the VPS 6 winning Mountain Biking Magazine Bike of the year in 2005.  Shortly after that our VPS SHORE won “best gear of the year” award from Explore Magazine…  Being Canadian, we just don’t hype up these accolades enough…  too funny.  Well, bottom line is, we are building some kick ass bikes these days.  Keep up the good work bike division and engineering team.

    On the road side of things, although most Sundays this year have been building the base kms, a few weeks back my riding group dropped across the border and hit the Chilly Hilly event down in Seattle Washington along with about 5,000 other riders. That was a fun way to really kick off the riding season in earnest.

    I’ve been rolling a 2012 Threshold as my dream winter bike.  Lots of fender clearance, fun to ride. I know, some of you are just cringing at the thought of me using a full carbon bike as a winter bike but really Cyclocross bikes make perfect winter bikes and the Threshold is a bike that just wants to go play.

    Due to all the rain we have had, I’ve only had a single sunny day teaser ride this year on my new 2012 Valence. I believe that is the ultimate (road) dream bike for me. I’m hoping to get another ride soon down in sunny California on our trip to the Sea Otter Classic down in Monterey.  That aught’a be fun.  And then one short week after that, I’m off to my spring pilgrimage to Moab Utah for a week back on the mountain bike again.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Mountain, road, mountain, road – repeat and enjoy.

    As I said before, bikes are cool and I just want to go ride.  Seeya out there !!!

    Steak Sauce