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  • NSMB’s Trade Titans: Pete Stace-Smith

    April 3, 2012

    pete stace-smith, norco, trade titans
    Words by Cam McRae/NSMB.
    Date: 2012-04-02

    The bike business is filled with characters. Those hungry for a fat paycheque, or an easy one, quickly move on and you are left with a rare and splendid selection of individuals. Many started out wrenching in shops and then graduated to schlepping on the road as sales reps, or at a desk selling to far off shops – and they are all full of tall tales and history. Trade Titans, introduced with the help of the venerable Pete Stace-Smith, will be our effort to introduce you to some of the masochistic bike zealots who shape the industry.

    When I think of Norco I think of Pete Stace-Smith. It’s that simple. Despite Norco’s high profile athletes and their mountain biking innovations, Pete SS would be my response playing word association; within the bike industry he is the face of the brand. Riders outside the bike industry may not have heard of Pete, but if you’ve ridden a Norco or if you’ve been entertained by a Norco athlete like Ryan Leech, you’ve felt the influence of the man they call Steak Sauce.

    Pete’s title is Marketing and PR Manager but I’ve always felt he means more to Norco than any label could relate. To get a little perspective on that I tracked down Skip Swain, Norco’s VP of sales, who put it this way: “Pete is known by his coworkers, riders and media from around the world as Norco’s ultimate ambassador. Our marketing plan would be complete if we could bottle Pete and ship it to all corners of the world.”

    pete stace-smith, norco, trade titans
    Pete doing some product testing on Leppard trail on Fromme. Photo ~ Morgan Taylor

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