Interbike 2009, The Drive Down

Interbike is the largest industry cycling show in North America. The show is at the Sands Casino in world famous Las Vegas Nevada. There are people from around the world that fly in to experience the show, see the bikes and experience Vegas. The first event of the show is the dirt demo taking place this coming Monday and Tuesday. For this there are a few lucky soles that get to make the trek down from Beautiful British Columbia the old fashioned way, in a vehicle with all the bikes and gear for the show. It is a long drive, but also a great way to see the country. With about 24hrs of driving spread out over two days, we are now here and ready to get started. Have a look at a few photos from the drive down.

Also, check back soon for updates on the show.


Starting the trip south, leaving BC behind.


If you have ever driven through Nevada, you will know that the roads are verty straight and very flat

Once we arrived in Vegas, it was a mere 38 degrees C or 100 F.

Once we arrived in Vegas, it was a mere 38 degrees C or 100 F.

The sky was incredible!

The sky was incredible!

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