A Bumpy Road Ahead For Nick Geddes – Get Well Nick!

Photo by Dustan Sept

Norco Factory Team rider Nick Geddes recently crashed in the Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom finals and was shaken enough to check into the Monterey Hospital. While he was shaken from the crash his injuries were relatively minor and of no long term consequence. This scare did involve routine bloodwork that uncovered irregularities in his immune system which spurred on additional testing. After transferring to Stanford University Hospital for improved testing capabilities Nick has been diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

After being air-lifted from Stanford back to Vancouver and being placed in the Oncology Ward of BC Children’s Hospital and has begun treatment. Nick is currently undergoing his first round of intensive Chemotherapy and is in good overall spirits. This disease and its treatment are extremely hard on the body but Nick is very strong and determined to fight through with vigor as long as necessary.

Photo by Dustan Sept

Upon learning of Nick’s diagnosis, the staff and friends of Norco have pooled together and raised more than $2000 this week which will be donated to the Oncology Ward of the BC Children’s Hospital. In recognition of the cause and the fundraising effort, Norco PR Marketing Manager Peter Stace-Smith has shaved his head in support. A big thank you to everyone that donated.

Photo by Dustan SeptPhoto by Dustan Sept

There is a second fundraiser happening on May 15th by the Squamish BMX Racing Club. The club is holding an event called the ABA Race for life where all proceeds will be donated to the BC Children’s Hospital. For more information on this event please visit http://www.squamishbmx.com.

Only together can we make a difference in the fight against cancer, these are two fundraisers and there will surely be more to come so keep tuned to norco.com for the latest news. All the Norco staff and friends wish the best to Nick in his battle and hope for successful treatment and a smooth recovery. If you would like to leave your support for Nick, please comment on this post to offer your kind words.

Photo by Dustan Sept

Be strong Nick!

10 thoughts on “A Bumpy Road Ahead For Nick Geddes – Get Well Nick!

  1. Hi Nick
    I wish you all the best. Unfortunately I will be away for the Squamish bmx fundraiser. My kids would love to be there to race and support you.
    In june I am riding from Vancouver to Seattle to raise money for cancer research. I chose to support childhood cancers in hopes that fewer and fewer kids would have to go through what you are going through. My thoughts are with you. Stay positive. You will beat this!

  2. Hey Nick All the best to you, be strong stay positive. I will be thinking of you on May 27th, I will be riding a bike for 24hrs. to raise funds for Cancer Research. Take care you will beat this, I did.

  3. Hey Nick, good luck with your treatment.
    It’s only a temporary setback.
    I’m positive based on your winning attitude, you’ll kick its ass!
    Hope you’re back on the bike soon.

  4. Nick, we are still with you in spirit, thoughts and prayers. You have left such an impression on us in the short time we have known you. You were so brave and stoic in California that we know you will dominate this disease as you do life. We may have to make a bet on the Sharks-Canucks series. Any ideas?
    Get well soon. Love, Roger and Val

  5. Nick – you OWN this. Don’t think for a minute that you don’t. Get your head exactly where you put it when you’re in the gate. Then stay in that zone just like you would on course. Snap the start, punch it out of the corners and dig DEEP when you see the finish line.

    You’re going to punch Lymphoblastic Leukemia’s $!&#-ing ticket.


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