Exclusive Interview+Photos: Hopkins on Norco

Mike Hopkins is a rider that in many ways defines what the modern freerider is. Sure he rips on a bike, but what differentiates him from other riders is how he connects and communicates with his audience. He works tirelessly on producing original content for magazines, web, and film. He has a strong idea of what biking means to him and how to convey that to readers and viewers.

Mike recently signed to Vancouver bike brand, Norco Bikes, and whilst he was in town picking up bikes we managed to drag him for a quick lap of Bobsled on Fromme. Afterwards we asked him a few questions about sponsors, direction, his favorite seat-post diameter and what the word moist means to him.

mike hopkins norco factory team 2012 freeride mtb mountain bike north shore nsmb
Hopkins came in for a mellow sesh on his dirt jumper and to chat about his next couple years.

Read the full interview at nsmb.com


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