Steak-Sauce Ramblings: Can you put a value on a good wheelie?? 

A good wheelie??…………………………. PRICELESS !   As we all know, watching someone pulling off a sweet wheelie just makes you smile right?  A little envious maybe too, but mostly you know that rider is having FUN.  And also we all realize that knowing how to wheelie isn’t something that comes naturally to most riders.  It […]

Read More Sizes up the Norco Rev

Review by Plus Size BMX We have been riding the Norco Rev for a little while now. I brought it with me to California and had Jake Kinney and Sebastian Smith both takes a few spins on it around Woodward West. Many riders would never consider riding a complete bike. But the NORCO may change […]

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Canadian Concrete Series Presented by Norco Bicycles and Cariboo Brewing

The Canadian Concrete Series is back for 2013 and Norco Bicycles is an official sponsor of the event series. The first event takes place in Langley BC on July 21st. Following this first competition Pentiction and North Vancouver will also host events where there will be a free BBQ and tons of prizes. Mark your […]

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A Look Into the Future, Norco’s 2013 Lineup

The 2013 Norco website will be live in the next few weeks but there is a ton of coverage out already on the new bikes for next year. Until the new site is up with full details here is a quick visual look at what next year has to offer. What do you think about […]

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Ben Kauffman Craz-E-Crew Update

Just finished up with a 5 day event up in Mont Laurier, Quebec. What a great little town. People are so enthusiastic and so friendly up there! Craz-E-Crew had a triple booking over the weekend, such a busy time to say the least. Had to set up and tear down all 3 set ups. Made […]

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Living the Woodward Life

Like most riders, I’ve wanted to go to Woodward camp ever since I found out about it.  Something about riding some of the best ramps in the world with some of the best riders in the world piques the interest I guess.  Anyways, its been in the back of my mind for ages, but over […]

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BMX Plus Gives Their Two Cents on the Norco Siege

Norco BMX has been around since the 1970’s and over the years we have picked up a few things. The 2012 line of Norco BMX bikes features the first ever brakeless bike. The Norco Siege does come with brakes but the bike shines best without. The riders and writers down at BMX plus magazine recently […]

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Ben Kaufmann In the Warmth of Hawaii Winter Update

Hey Guys, On Vacation at the moment in the middle of the Pacific. My sister is a nurse here in Maui so it is perfect to come check out the island. This place has to be the nicest place I have ever been to. The island is one of the most diverse eco-systems on earth […]

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James van de Kamp Boosting at the Woodyard

Vancouver is home to one of the best private wooden bowls possibly anywhere. Equally as infamous is its creator Ron Mercer. This edit features a a handful of regulars shredding and chipping in at the Woodyard and also showcases none other than Ron himself who shows that you’re never to old to progress, have fun […]

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A 25 Year RAD Reunion

Last winter there was some rumblings on the internet of a “RAD” BMX movie reunion being planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie that was a hit to BMXers around the world when it hit the theatres back in 1986.  I have had the movie poster in my office on the wall for […]

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