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    Norco Aurum Alloy

    Aurum Alloy

    Norco Aurum Carbon

    Aurum Carbon

    NSMB.com met l’Aurum à l’épreuve

    NSMB Long Term Review 2012 Norco Aurum One 1 Connor Macleod Derek Dix

    L’Aurum a conservé son lustre de salle de montre malgré ses 4 mois d’utilisation hivernale dans le Pacific Northwest.

    Cet hiver, j’ai procédé au test à long terme du tout dernier vélo de descente de Norco, l’Aurum. En décembre dernier, j’ai partagé mes impressions initiales à propos du vélo dans son ensemble et de sa construction, lesquels étaient tous impressionnants. L’Aurum jaune vif attire les regards partout où il passe; frais, léger et rapide comme une salade du McDonald’s ou un truc du genre.

    NSMB Long Term Review 2012 Norco Aurum One 1 Connor Macleod Derek Dix
    Traction was never a problem onboard the Aurum, thanks to a refined FSR suspension and 3C Minions.

    It’s evident that Norco designed this bike in conjunction with World Cup racers because they nailed all the essentials and then some. Furthermore, it’s proven in its first year of production, which is rarely accomplished. I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the newly designed bike last year, even more impressed after my first ride and sold after 3 months. If you have read other reviews of mine your aware I actually ride the bikes, like to the max. This usually fast tracks a bikes weakness and or strengths. The Aurum showed no weakness; however, I did find room for improvement with the build.

    NSMB Long Term Review 2012 Norco Aurum One 1 Connor Macleod Derek Dix
    Despite the Aurum’s race geo it still pedals better than I expected even with the lackluster Vivid.

    The Aurum fits and feels natural with no quirky features or marketing ploys. Everything serves a purpose and is seamlessly integrated into the frame. From the integrated fork bumpers and seat collar to the clever breakaway hanger system. Cable routing is clean and simple running straight back externally under the top tube and down the seat stay. Smart routing means your cables work and last longer and when the time comes time to replacement it’s only a five-minute job.

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