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From Prototype to Podium – Jill Kintner’s Slalom Secret

An athlete in any sport depends on several things for success to even be a possibility. Fitness, skill and experience play major roles but without the right tools, success may well be a hopeless aspiration. When it comes to mountain biking, one such integral tool is the bicycle. Without the best possible design and latest […]

Read More Takes the Range 2 out for a Gallop has come out with a review of the 2011 Norco Range 2. As a 6″ travel all Mountain bike the Range 2 comes in at around $3700 CAN and offers the same advantages in pedaling and suspension as it’s higher end brothers the Range 1 and Range SE. Thinking about a new Do-All Mountain […]

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Get the 7mm upgrade – Why Syntace is here to stay

If you have been reading about new technologies being integrated into mountain bikes in recent months, you have likely heard about the Syntace X-12 or another 142mm axle system in some form or another. There seems to be a cloud of mystery surrounding this new product in what it is, how it works and why […]

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The Full Range of Norco in Mountain Bike Action

The April issue of Mountain Bike Action Magazine is on the shelves. This latest issue features the first ever review of the flagship Norco model, the 2011 Range SE. Additionally, this issue is the Freeride/DH buyers guide with mention of the Team DH, DH and Shore 3 models. As a bonus, Norco Factory Team rider […]

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A quick review from a Norco Fanatik

Let me preface this review by saying it’s been quite some time since I’ve been so excited about a trail bike. Though my passion rests mainly with downhilling, I can still appreciate a great trail bike. In the past, my downhill bike was always the first choice when going for a ride. It really was […]

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The Ins and Outs of a Norco Phaser

A quick look through the 2011 Phaser lineup. New for 2011, these three bikes are the XC Racing machine that you have been waiting for. The 2011 Norco lineup is bigger than ever with several new models being thrown into the mix. One such bike is the Phaser. Coming in three different pricepoints, the Phaser […]

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The 2011 Norco Range – Versatility Vernacular

For 2011 there are some big changes to the Norco lineup. One of the most exciting bikes for next year is the 2011 Norco Range. With 160mm of travel, a tapered headtube, Syntace rear axle and derailleur hanger system, post mount brakes and the new Advanced Ride Technology (A.R.T.) suspension design, the Range is a […]

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