bike suspension

Shock Adjustment – What does it do?

Bicycle suspension has become more and more complicated every year. In the store, your shock seemed great with knobs, valves and doofers coming out the ying-yang, the adjustability seemed limitless. Now, as you are in the moments before a ride trying to get the shock set up, the only thing limitless is confusion. Shock setup […]

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Suspension Overview – Pros and Cons

Are you still confused about shock technology? Here is a list of the pros and cons for each type of technology. If this does not clear the air. Post your comments and questions. Single Pivot Advantages Disadvantages Simple Design Can be very durable High clearance Good for large impacts Linear rear wheel travel Little reactivity […]

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Bicycle Suspension – Part 3 – FSR vs Rocker Link

The Horst-Link and the Rocker Link are two seemingly similar suspension designs with very different ride characteristics.  First off it should be established that the Horst-Link was designed by Horst Leitner in 1991 then purchased by Specialized in 1998 and renamed FSR.  If you purchase a bike that uses this linkage in the USA, your […]

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