An Evolution Of The Bikes We Ride

2014 has arrived and there is something remarkable about this time and place. The world of cycling has evolved through an amazing transformation and where we are is by no means at a final destination. Even in the past few years – a mere percentile of cycling history – leaps and bounds of technological innovation […]

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A Brief History Through Time and Development

The 1992 Norco Rampage was the first Mountain bike to be engineered specifically for use with a suspension fork. Before this time, if a bike utilized front suspension there was a geometry tradeoff based on the elevated front end and slacked, tall geometry. This change was a big deal! Looking at where bikes are today […]

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Mountain Biking Through The Years, How Times Change

In it’s simplest form, a bicycle is nothing more than a couple of wheels and some metal holding them together. Looking closer at a modern bike though, it is a marvel of technology. The technology that goes into gearing, brakes and suspension alone are enough to make your head spin. Looking back over even the […]

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