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The Secret is Out: Killer Bs Love Aggressive Descents!

Bike Magazine’s “Bike Bible” Features Two Carbon Killer Bs Bike Mag’s Bible of Bike Tests is an annual feature issue that tests and reviews many of the year’s best mountain bikes, suspension products, wheels and more. The team at Bike does a great job of providing mountain bike fans with a variety of content that […]

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Switchback Magazine Reviews the Sight Carbon LE

Switchback Magazine has become a distinguished voice in cycling over the past few years. The credibility of this publication spans disciplines but the core of trail and all mountain riding is where word travels furthest. With this in mind, when they say they like something it must be worth talking about. Swinging a leg over […]

Read More Reviews the Norco Range Killer B-2

Long Term with the 650B Range Words by Omar Bhimji. Photos by Morgan Taylor. Even if you haven’t spun a set of mid-sized wheels yourself, you’ve likely heard enough about them to start forming some impressions and opinions. The promise of the 650b wheelsize is that it provides some of the increased roll-overability of 29 […]

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Bike Mag Exclusive – Norco Range Bible Review Video

NORCO RANGE KILLER B-1 – Exclusive Price: $5,350 Weight: 30.7 pounds Contact: By Ryan LaBar On paper, or at least the internet forums, the buzz surrounding the Range Killer B should be focused on its 650b wheels. On the trail, however, the new wheel size proves somewhat of a moot point, as the […]

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The Sight Killer B Goes Carbon for 2014

At the 2013 Sea Otter Classic Norco bicycles is showing the prototype design for a 2014 Sight Carbon. Taking a similar approach to the alloy version the bike is designed specifically for a 650B/27.5″ wheel but takes on the preferred weight and ride characteristics of carbon fibre. With an estimated 25% frame weight savings over […]

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Flow in the Snow

In the snow the Sight Killer B still has its flow. Out of Germany comes Norco rider Flowinger that does not find a little of the white stuff a hindrance in getting out to shred on his bike. Have a watch of this riding video and try to not be inspired to get out and […]

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A Vital Piece of the Puzzle – The Norco Range 2 Reviewed

“2013 Test Sessions: Norco Range Killer B-2” Reviewed by Steve Wentz, Joe Schneider, and Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman For 2013, Norco has eliminated the 26-inch version of the Range in favor of a new 650B “Killer B” version. Yes, you read that right, another victim of the big wheel. […]

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