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The Dirt 100 – Upping the Game with Norco’s Range Carbon

Article from NORCO RANGE CARBON 7.1 The name Norco used to be one that we associated with overbuilt and not particularly inspiring bikes, but that’s definitely no longer the case. We first rode the aluminium version and we were immediately impressed, as it was one of the first 27.5” wheeled bikes that we’d ridden […]

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NSMB details the new Carbon Norco Range Killer B

2014 Norco Range – Now in Carbon! Killer B Goes Carbon Words by Morgan Taylor. Photos by Matt Dennison. Norco’s going all in on the 160mm, 650B Range platform with a new carbon frame for 2014. Norco introduced the current iteration last year (see our long term review HERE), killing off the relatively short-lived […]

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Whistler Mountain Bike and the Range Killer B3

Review by Riding in Whistler over the last two years has been hard for those that like 26″ wheels. With the onslaught of 29′r bikes that have hit the market, it has been hard for the weekend racer to stay competitive with a traditional wheel side. I have stayed away from the wagon wheels, […]

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Long Term with the 650B Range Words by Omar Bhimji. Photos by Morgan Taylor. Even if you haven’t spun a set of mid-sized wheels yourself, you’ve likely heard enough about them to start forming some impressions and opinions. The promise of the 650b wheelsize is that it provides some of the increased roll-overability of 29 […]

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MTBR’s Two Cents on the Range Killer B-3

Article from A funny thing happened when I started riding the Norco Range Killer B. I forgot to analyze how the bike rode. I forgot to fixate on the differences between the 650b wheel size and how they rolled compared to other wheel sizes. I forgot to micro-parse obscure geometry details. Instead I enjoyed […]

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Bike Mag Exclusive – Norco Range Bible Review Video

NORCO RANGE KILLER B-1 – Exclusive Price: $5,350 Weight: 30.7 pounds Contact: By Ryan LaBar On paper, or at least the internet forums, the buzz surrounding the Range Killer B should be focused on its 650b wheels. On the trail, however, the new wheel size proves somewhat of a moot point, as the […]

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A Vital Piece of the Puzzle – The Norco Range 2 Reviewed

“2013 Test Sessions: Norco Range Killer B-2” Reviewed by Steve Wentz, Joe Schneider, and Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman For 2013, Norco has eliminated the 26-inch version of the Range in favor of a new 650B “Killer B” version. Yes, you read that right, another victim of the big wheel. […]

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