Heading to the Candy Store (figuratively)

Post by Ryan Leech A few days back I head over to Port Coquitlam and visited the Norco Bicycles Headquarters. As you can imagine this is a bit of a candy store and I left wheeling a shiny new Truax; good deal eh! It’s built up with a Shimano XTR kit which makes it the […]

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Burning up the trail on a Truax

Norco has been making strides as of late with the introduction of a new design language, new models and pushing the envelope in the performance of their bikes in 2012. With the introduction of the upstart Aurum line, the Truax fills the free-ride category and brings a stacked hand to the table…but does it beat […]

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Riding with Flow on the Truax

Another great video has come out of Germany courtesy of Flowinger and videographer Jan Zander. As the summer creeps closer and the spring conditions keep getting better and better it is videos like this that make us all want to ride. Take a few minutes and watch this video. Then, drop what you are doing […]

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Ryan’s First Ride With the Norco Truax

Happy Early Christmas to a spoiled Pro-Rider! A brand new Norco Truax, decked with the best of Shimano and Rock Shox. Oh how that hard knock life turned buttery smooth on my first ride out… A factory team custom build Post Build Smile Last year, I requested one go-go-gatchet trail bike, it was delivered in […]

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Pinkbike With Some Highlights From Interbike

Norco caught up with the crew at pinkbike during Interbike this year to run through a few of the new bikes for 2012. In true Pinkbike style a left curve was thrown in when talking about the Norco Truax and it’s history. Really, the clip is about the history of freeride and the evolution of […]

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The new 7″ travel frame is aesthetically impressive – some very sophisticated tube shaping, and well thought out detailing. Though I typically heap scorn on gratuitous noodly tube torturing, I actually like the lines on this frame. The move to an uninterrupted seat-tube design is a significant improvement in my eyes – aesthetically and functionally, […]

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Rumor Has It. The 2012 Norco Mountain Bikes

In case you haven’t heard. The 2012 Norco lineup is bringing some new models to the table that blow the old bikes out of the water. One recent post by ran through some of the top mountain bikes for 2012. —– Norco introduced four new full suspension mountain bike platforms for 2012. All carry […]

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