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Riding in the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer?

Congratulations on making the commitment to participate in the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer! The Ride gets bigger every year and is a source of courage, hope and pride for all those affected by cancer. As the official bike sponsor and mechanical support provider to all four Canadian rides, Norco Bicycles is with you all the way!

We recognize the difference the Ride makes in advancing the research and treatment of cancer throughout Canada. In that spirit, we want to help get you rolling and provide a boost to your fundraising efforts!

Have the Ride of Your Life With the RTCC and Norco Bicycles!

Norco Bicycles understands that going the distance is both easier and more enjoyable with the right set of wheels. Our high performance road and city bicycles deliver everything you need to complete the ride – whether you’re a veteran roadie or a newcomer to the sport.

Between now and August 30th, 2015, purchase a 2015 Norco* and Norco Bicycles will make a donation to your personal Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraising efforts. Purchases exceeding $1,500 qualify for a $150 RTCC donation. Purchases up to $1,500 qualify for a $100 RTCC donation.

*Eligible series: Valence, Tactic, Search, Threshold, FBR, VFR, Indie, XFR

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How and Why We are involved

The Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC) is a pledge-based fundraiser that began as a single event in 2008 and has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. Five years on, the RTCC is Canada's largest cycling fundraiser and consists of four distinct regional events held across the country in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. These inspirational rides attract cyclists from all walks of life and create a sense of unity that must be experienced to be believed.

The RTCC has raised nearly $150 million in support of cancer research and attracts more than 10,000 riders every year. Norco is an official RTCC sponsor, and we do more than offer financial support. Since 2011, we have served as the RTCC’s official bicycle and technical support sponsor at all four regional events. Norco event teams attend each ride and work from dawn to dusk offering technical and mechanical support to RTCC riders. Norco is on the ground, offering our wrenching expertise to ensure that every participant has an opportunity to complete the ride of their lifetime.

Eligible Bikes

Road Bikes


$150 Donation!

Intended Use: Road Race

Material: Carbon

Price Range: $8250 - $1875

A purebred racing machine designed for speed, the Tactic delivers cutting-edge road race performance in any setting.

View all Tactic Models


Up to $150 Donation!

Intended Use: Road Adventure

Material: Carbon or Steel

Price Range: $4385 - $1035

An adventure road bike with limitless potential, the Search is a disc brake-equipped road bike designed to take on a variety of road surfaces.

View all Search Models


Up to $150 Donation!

Intended Use: Road Endurance

Material: Carbon or Aluminum

Price Range: $7920 - $775

Designed to deliver high performance and comfort over the longest rides, the Valence is a perfect choice for your next epic ride.

View all Valence Models


Up to $150 Donation!

Intended Use: Cyclocross

Material: Carbon or Aluminum

Price Range: $8895 - $975

A cyclocross race bike designed and tested on Canada’s Pacific coast, the Threshold converts into an ideal RTCC ride with a pair of slick tires.

View all Threshold Models

City Bikes


$100 Donation!

Intended Use: Fitness

Material: Aluminum

Price Range: $1360 - $730

For cyclists who want a ride that delivers the speed and performance of a road bike but who prefer the upright control and feel of a flat bar.

View all FBR Models


Up to $150 Donation!

Intended Use: Urban

Material: Aluminum

Price Range: $1885 - $585

A tough yet lightweight, disc brake-equipped bicycle that is rugged enough to handle daily rides on city streets.

View all Indie Models


$100 Donation!

Intended Use: Fitness

Material: Aluminum

Price Range: $1075 - $535

A high-speed commuter that combines the performance of a road bike with the comfort of a hybrid.

View all VFR Models


$100 Donation!

Intended Use: Crossover

Material: Aluminum

Price Range: $1175 - $609

A fast, comfortable and stable bicycle with a suspension fork, disc brakes and multi-tread tires for handling a variety of road surfaces.

View all XFR Models

Starter Kits

Spirit Kit

Bike: Norco Valence A4 - $775
Helmet: Lazer Motion - $50
Shoe: Serfas Trax - $105
Pedal: Wellgo W-44B road pedal - $60
Bag: Axiom Catskill LX - $20
Kit Total - $1010
All Prices are MSRP

Classic Kit

Bike: Norco Valence Tiagra - $1895
Helmet: Lazer Blade - $110
Shoe: Serfas Podium - $135
Pedal: Wellgo W-44B road pedal - $60
Bag: Axiom Rider DLX Medium - $26
Kit Total: $2226
All prices are MSRP

Challenge Kit

Bike: Norco Ultegra - $2765
Helmet: Lazer Z1 - $330
Shoe: Serfas Podium - $135
Pedal: Crank Brothers Candy 2 - $100
Bag: Axiom Rider DLX medium - $26
Bag: Axiom Smartbag Touch - $28
Kit Total - $3384
All prices are MSRP

Viva Kit

Bike: Norco Valence A1 Forma - $1445
Helmet: Lazer Blade - $110
Shoe: Serfas Podium - $135
Pedal: Wellgo Road - $60
Bag: Axiom Rider DLX medium - $26
Kit Total - $1776
All prices are MSRP

Redeeming Your Norco Bicycles Fundraising Donation

After you've purchased your your eligible 2015 Norco bicycle, visit and fill in the required fields. Apart from the usual info you will need your bike's serial number (ask your dealer for help if you can't find it), your RTCC participant ID # (see your RTCC fundraising page), and a scan or photo of your bike purchase receipt clearly showing year and model of bicycle purchased.

When all of the required fields are filled out, click submit. The Ride to Conquer Cancer will then forward your information to Norco Bicycles, and, once verified, we will make the required donation to your fundraising account immediately.

Please Note: After you have submitted your online form, it may take up to four weeks before the donation appears in your account. Please be patient, it will show up!

Riding Resources

Bike Check Over

Here are a few basic steps you can take to make sure your bike is working properly for the Ride To Conquer Cancer.

How to Adjust Your Bicycle Seat Position

Adjusting your bike seat comes down to angle, height and for/aft positioning. Here is a simple guide to making these adjustments

How to Install Your Ride to Conquer Cancer Name Plate

An improperly installed RTCC name plate can be very annoying, awkward and potentially painful. Here is a quick guide as to the best way to install your name cards.

How to remove your bicycle's wheels (QR skewer)

Maybe you need to store your bike in a small space, jam it into the trunk on a road trip, or change a flat - either way, knowing how to remove your bicycle’s wheels is an essential skill every cyclist should understand! This video shows how to remove your bike's wheel, equipped with a quick release (QR) skewer.

What to Bring

Wondering what you should bring with you on the ride to conquer cancer? This video runs through the items that will make your ride as easy and comfortable as possible

How Do I Fix a Flat on My Bike?

One of the most commmon mechanicals on a ride such as the Ride To Conquer Cancer is a flat tire. Here is a quick guide that walks you through how to fix a flat tire in the case of emergency.

How to lube your bicycle's chain

Lubing your chain is critical to keeping your drivetrain running quietly and smoothly and protecting all those moving pieces from wear. Learn how to properly apply chain lube to your bicycle in this quick video.

How to choose a new tube for your bicycle

If you’ve ever entered a bike shop looking to buy a new inner tube, but been greeted by a wall of tiny boxes and didn’t know where to start, checkout our guide to identifying and buying new tubes.

As the official bike sponsor and on-site mechanical support provider for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Norco Bicycles is with you every pedal stroke of the way!