Norco Factory Team Members of the Norco Factory Team can be found around the world, riding everything, everywhere: XC, dual slalom, DH, freeride, trials, slopestyle and more. When selecting Team members we look for more than just skills. We look at each rider’s contribution to our sport and their ability to represent Norco as ambassadors. Our athletes are more than riders – they are role models who give back to the community and the sport. They are all-around great people and, yes, they are some of the best riders in the world. These are people we are glad to call colleagues, friends, and even family.

Norco-Supported Privateers
Independent Riders Norco Riders are some of the most talented riders in the world and we are not the only ones to recognize this. Some riders that Norco supports have sponsors with other manufacturers of parts and accessories that do not match that of the Factory Team. In such cases these riders are not classified as Norco Factory Team but rather Privateers – basically this means they are managing their own sponsors.

Team Norco International Created in 2012, Team Norco International is a satellite World Cup gravity racing program based in Seattle, WA. The direction of the team is geared towards a full World Cup Downhill series as well as major North American events.

Norco Enduro World Team Set to compete in the inaugural Enduro World Series, the Norco Enduro World Team consists of a group of hungry young racers, eager to challenge for the seven podiums up for grabs in 2014. Enduro racing is rapidly growing in popularity, and the Norco Enduro World Team will be a powerful force on the enduro race circuit for 2014 and beyond.

Norco Enduro World Team

Team H&R Block The H&R Block Team is a Canadian road race team dedicated to helping up-and-coming athletes get the experience and training they need to take their racing to the next level. We joined the H&R Block team as a bike sponsor at the beginning of the 2010 season, providing them with our innovative CRR road frames, and the results were extraordinary. In 2014, the H&R Block Team will be on the brand new Norco Tactic, so things can only get better. Keep an eye on these athletes; they have bright futures ahead of them.

Road Team

Jet Fuel Norco The Jet Fuel team, based in Toronto, began as a cycling club in 1993 and competed as a UCI Pro Team between 1999 and 2005. Since 2005, the team has been focused on rider development, serving as a stepping-stone between local teams and elite, UCI-level competition. The Jet Fuel team gives Canadian riders the top-level training and experience they require to develop into racers capable of competing at the highest levels of the sport.

Jet Fuel Norco

Premier Tech Based in Quebec, Team Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech is a co-ed squad that challenges for the podium in both male and female categories. The team is committed to developing young athletes and preparing them to compete at the highest levels in Canada – a project Norco Bicycles has participated in via its sponsorship program for many years now.

Premier Tech