Darcy Turenne
BirthdayMarch 22, 1984
HometownComox, BC
Current TownSquamish, BC
Future Wish TownPretty happy where I am, thanks!
SponsorsOakley, Dakine
Darcy Turenne
What is the most memorable thing you’ve done a bike?
Ridden ancient Incan trails at 16,000 feet in Bolivia.

A place you should really check out on a bike is…
Maui. I recommend it because you can surf and eat fresh pineapple before and after your rides. When I’m shredding with friends, (Song) by (Artist) gets me even more pumped to ride.
Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio.

What is something you are looking forward to for next season?
Riding more 650b bikes!!!

My favourite thing I did on a bike last season was…
Being introduced to the 650b bikes and riding them almost every day in Squamish (when I was home).

What cycling event do you look forward to the most and why?
The Åre Bike Festival in Sweden because the town has such an amazing, supportive, fun, sophisticated, artistic, brilliant community full of awesome riders and cool people! The festival also brings in a lot of really cool media folk and other riders from around Europe and the rest of the world. It’s always a bit of a family reunion when I go there because the Åre bike community makes everyone feel like family.

What does your typical summer day look like?
When I’m at home it goes something like: Food, emails, bike, food, beach, friends, food, emails, sleep.

______ is my favourite time of year because…
Every season is my favourite time of year because in the summer and fall you can bike, and in the winter and spring you can ski. There’s no off-season in BC!

Right now I am really excited/inspired about…
My film career that’s starting to take shape.

Favourite line A) Steep technical B) Crazy sustained climbing C) Skinnies or D) Jumps and drops?
C) I like trails with so much flow that you don’t have to think at all while riding. Everything just happens and the ride becomes almost euphoric.

What one thing off the bike do you do that helps your riding the most?

Is there a little web edit that inspires you to get away from the computer and ride?
Any Aaron LaRoque web edit. His edits are so natural and fun.

Best pre and post race meal?
Salmon, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and kale. Plus chocolate.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done on a bike is…
Learn to jump REAL BMX trails in Spain. Lots of wipeouts and mental blocks.

To me, Adventure Begins Here means…
Nothing. Every moment of your life is an adventure!

The thing I love most about our sport is…
Being outside with friends doing an activity that kids and adults equally love. Biking is the fountain of youth!

The Norco Bicycle I would most want to test out is…
Any of the 650b bikes because I’m a little obsessed with how much faster they are.