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Meet the 2015

Break Thru.

Evan Mcneely
CX // XC Race
Norco Factory Team
Zander Geddes
DH Race
Norco Factory Team


We started searching out different trails just to see how far we could push it. Logan Johns, Product Manager

A Canadian Take on a European Tradition

Norco’s cyclocross race machine was designed and developed on Canada’s Pacific Coast: a region characterized by rugged landscapes and abundant precipitation. The all-new Threshold is a product of our demanding environment and a symbol of Norco’s distinctly Canadian take on the cyclocross tradition. Tested on the trails and proven on the racecourse, the 2015 Threshold is how Norco does cyclocross.

We’ve long been known as a leader in mountain bikes. When it comes to CX, we recognized years ago that many of the technologies and frame features that make our mountain bikes exceptional could be carried over to our cyclocross program: lateral frame stiffness for explosive acceleration; thru axles for railing through rutted corners and holding lines; snappy, precise handling for maneuvering through variable terrain; disc brakes for the confidence to ride faster and push harder in all conditions.

Look closely at the new Threshold and you cannot miss the MTB influence. What can we say? It's in our blood.

Logan Johns
Product Manager
Terry Brown
Industrial Design


It definitely goes where you point it. That’s the biggest takeaway for me: stiffness and steering precision – thru axles do make a BIG difference. Terry Brown, Industrial Design

Evolution of the Threshold

Step 01

Project Definition

At this stage we define what we want the bike to be and who it is for. We collect and systematically analyze ride data and rider feedback and set project goals. We explore options for making the bike faster, more capable and more fun.

Step 02

Computer-Aided Design

Here the concept takes shape in 3D. We lock in optimal geometry and manipulate tube shapes to achieve frame performance goals. We blend engineering requirements with aesthetic considerations, fine-tuning the relationship between them.

Step 03

Rapid Prototype

The rapid prototype is the first physical manifestation of a new frame design. Made of solid plastic, the rapid prototype enables us to hold the frame in our hands, get a feel for tube shapes and assess the cohesiveness and aesthetic appeal of the overall design.

Step 04


The prototype is the first rideable version of a new bike design. Factory Team and select staff subject the frame to extensive long term testing and punishing real world race conditions. Weaknesses are identified and eliminated in the subsequent iteration.

Step 05

Pre-Production Sample

The pre-production sample incorporates all changes deemed necessary following hundreds of hours of lab and ride testing of the prototypes. At this stage the frame itself is finalized, so we take the opportunity to test paints, colourways and decal packs.

Step 06

Ready to Ship:

Sub-1000g SL Frame // Hi-Mod Carbon // Dual Thru-Axles


Amazing stiffness for power transfer, stability at high speeds, and light weight for transitioning: the Threshold is the perfect tool. Evan McNeely, Norco Factory Team

Listen. Innovate. Ride.

Competitive racers are truly at one with their bikes. Over countless hours in the saddle, they develop an intimacy – a feel for the harmony that exists between frame, components and racecourse. Norco Factory Team racers are, without a doubt, experts: able to perceive every facet of a bicycle’s overall performance.

Prototype testers assess a frame’s response to energy inputs with incredible attention to detail. Fit, power transfer, responsiveness, cornering ability and vibration damping are scrutinized automatically, unconsciously. This razor-sharp sensitivity to ride quality makes them the ideal product testers – and we’re listening.

Aaron Schooler
5x Podium Finisher - Canadian CX Nationals

Key Technology

Once we decided to go fifteen on the front, it just made sense to do twelve on the back . . . and it paid off. Logan Johns, Product Manager


Size-Scaled Tubing

By increasing tube profile dimensions in proportion with frame size, Norco engineers are able to calibrate frame stiffness to the weight of the prospective rider. This ensures that a heavier rider on a larger frame will experience the same ride characteristics as a lighter rider on a smaller frame. Though the process is labour-intensive, the result is worth the effort: optimal ride characteristics, performance and comfort to all riders.

Full Carbon Fork with 15mm Thru Axle

The Threshold's burly new fork is engineered to hold a line through the rough, rutted terrain found on punishing CX courses. Broad and stiff with sleek cable management and ample mud clearance, it delivers exceptional responsiveness and precision handling while absorbing punishing vibrations. Paired with a 15mm thru axle, this confidence-inspiring fork ensures that the Threshold goes wherever the rider points it.

Arc Race

ARC Race seat stays were originally developed for our road race platform, the Tactic. ARC stays are engineered with a distinctive bow shape that works like micro-suspension to dampen fatiguing vibrations. By optimizing the vertical compliance to lateral rigidity ratio for race applications we are able to maximize comfort without sacrificing lateral stiffness – so cyclocross racers can stay on the gas all race long.

GIZMO Universal Cable Routing System

The fully proprietary GIZMO system features two-piece GIZMO plugs that create a tight seal at entry and exit points, blocking water and debris from entering the frame. GIZMO plugs pinch and hold cables firmly in place, preventing any rattling at entry and exit points. They also enable the rider to pull cables taught so that they can be prevented from rattling around inside the frame.


We use only the highest quality materials – right down to the resin that holds everything together. Our superior quality ArmorLite resin produces an exceptionally strong bond that enhances frame strength and increases impact resistance. It is so efficient that less of it is required – enabling us to produce carbon frames that are both stronger AND lighter than those manufactured using conventional resins.

Power Chassis with 142x12mm Axle

Norco's Power Chassis Design gives the Threshold its responsiveness and explosive acceleration. An ultra-efficient power transfer system characterized by dramatically oversized tubing from head tube to chain stays, the Power Chassis converts energy from a rider’s whole body into forward momentum. Anchored by a 142x12mm rear thru axle, the Threshold’s Power Chassis is the stiffest pedaling platform on the racecourse.

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Available Models

Threshold SL Dura-Ace Di2Threshold SL Ultegra Di2Threshold SL UltegraThreshold 105
Frame/Fork High-Modulus Carbon High-Modulus CarbonHigh-Modulus CarbonMid-Modulus Carbon
Shifter/Derailleur Shimano Dura-Ace Di2Shimano Ultegra Di2Shimano Ultegra Shimano 105
Crankset FSA SL-K LightFSA Energy CrossFSA Energy Cross FSA Gossamer Cross PF30 46/36T
Rims/Hubs Easton EC90 SL DiscStan's ZTR Iron Cross /Thru-Axle Disc Stan's ZTR Iron Cross /Thru-Axle DiscAlex ATD470 /Thru-Axle Disc
Brakes Shimano BR-RS785 Hydraulic DiscShimano BR-RS785 Hydraulic DiscShimano BR-RS785 Hydraulic DiscHayes CX Comp Mech Disc
Bar/Stem Easton EC90/EA70Easton EA70Easton EA70Norco
Seatpost Norco Di2 Lite CompositeNorco Di2 Lite CompositeEaston EA70Norco
Tires Clement Crusade PDX 33c TubularsClement Crusade PDX 33c FoldingClement Crusade PDX 33c TubularsClement Crusade PDX 33c
Saddle WTB Volt TeamWTB Volt TeamWTB Volt RaceNorco Cross Race
Threshold A1Threshold A1 FormaThreshold A2Threshold A3
Frame/Fork Double Butted Aluminum/Mid-Mod Full CarbonForma Double Butted Aluminum/Mid-Mod Full CarbonDouble Butted Aluminum/ Carbon Bladed Double Butted Aluminum/ Alloy Bladed
Shifter/Derailleur Shimano 105Shimano 105Shimano TiagraShimano Sora
Crankset Shimano FC-RS500Shimano FC-RS500 Shimano FC-R460Shimano Sora
Rims/Hubs WTB SX17 Disc/Thru-Axle DiscWTB SX17 Disc/Thru-Axle DiscWTB SX17/Alloy DiscDouble Wall Aluminum/Alloy Disc
Brakes Hayes CX Comp MechHayes CX Comp MechHayes CX Comp MechHayes CX Comp Mech
Bar/Stem NorcoNorcoNorcoNorco
Seatpost Norco 27.2mmNorco 27.2mmNorco 27.2mmNorco 27.2mm
Tires Continental Cyclocross Speed 35c - FoldingContinental Cyclocross Speed 35c - FoldingContinental Cyclocross Speed 35c - FoldingContinental CityRIDE II 32c w/ProTection
Saddle Norco Cross RaceNorco Cross Forma RaceNorco Cross RaceNorco Cross Race