hometown: Uxbridge, ON
age: 27
discipline: Cross Country

Career Highlights

3rd place at 2019 Nove Mesto World Cup; three top-10 World Cup finishes in 2019; 6th at the 2018 World Championships; Bronze Medal at 2018 Commonwealth Games


When it's go time, Haley is ready and nothing will stop her from getting to the finish line as quickly as possible. With race-day speed of a cheetah and cunning like a fox...well yeah, it works. It’s rumoured that she is made of up 83% maple syrup - as she seems to be fuelled primarily by homemade treats and destination bakery stops. But her time on the bike isn’t always about fast - Haley loves long adventure rides and exploring new parts of the world by bike. A leader, inspiration and role model for women everywhere, Haley never hesitates to take time to help others and further her mission.

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