hometown: Horseshoe Valley, ON
age: 25
discipline: Cross Country

Career Highlights

3-time defending Canadian National Champion, 6th at 2019 Les Gets World Cup, 3 Top 10 STXC WC 2019 Finishes, National Champion in 4 different disciplines


It’s a well known fact that keeping riding fun and fast helps cyclists excel to the top of the sport, but it's Petey D's killer instinct that has helped him rise above the rest. Known for his fun, energetic, and extroverted shenanigans off the bike, Pete’s horn throwing, punk rock banging bike racer mentality might lead you to think that he’ll be merciful between the tape, but you’d be wrong. Off the trails, Peter’s left brain takes over wherever it can, learning fun facts about each place he visits. With a degree in Water Resources Engineering, he loves numbers, fine-print, and applying tactics to racing whenever possible.

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