What she's riding
Fluid FS 1

Allison Mackellar

Ontario Ambassador

When did you start mountain biking and why? It all started in summer 2016, I was riding road and had an itch to try mountain biking. By the end of the first ride, I was hooked! I loved the quiet of the forest in the middle of the city, the challenge of a new trail and the high from conquering a tough trail feature!

What’s your favourite local trail to ride? I love riding the Don trails right in downtown Toronto. Most people can’t imagine mountain biking trails in the middle of a city, or that they would be any good! It’s a special spot, challenging at-times and ever-changing. The Don is a secret gem in this city!

What’s your go-to ride snack? I have a serious sweet-tooth! Either straight-up candy or Cliff blocks with caffeine for an extra boost. On a longer ride I’ll pack a banana or a PB&J. I like to keep it simple.

Who’s your favourite riding buddy and why? I honestly can’t pick just one. The biking community in Toronto is so diverse and fun. I love getting out with old friends, new ride groups and of course the We Got This community for a fun ride. For me, having an awesome community to ride with and learn from is so important.

What’s your must-have ride accessory? I love a good fanny pack! I get a sore back from carrying a big pack so a fanny pack helps with the back and keeping the amount of gear I’m carrying to a minimum. Team fanny pack all day!

What’s a bike handling skill you’d still like to learn or master? I’m working on my technical climbing skills this season – the Don has lots of root-filled, rocky and switch-back steep climbs to practice on!

What’s your dream riding destination you still want to explore one day and why? There are SO many places! I’d love to ride in Portugal, South America and FINALLY get out to BC for some more riding. There are so many spots on this earth to explore on a bike and I can’t wait to ride them all.

What’s your favourite drink? Kombucha or coconut LaCroix.

A quote/philosophy you live by: You gotta risk it for the biscuit!

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