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Custom Sight Carbon

Jo Peters

British Columbia Ambassador

When did you start mountain biking and why? I started in 2010 because my boyfriend at the time was into it and I didn’t want to be left out. I borrowed a bike and tried to keep up. I hadn’t even ridden a bike in a few years, so of course it was a bit of a disaster. I was hooked with the feeling of being bounced through the forest at high speeds, so I kept going until it became less of a disaster.

What’s your favourite local trail to ride? I’m pretty known for saying “that’s my favourite trail” after I ride every trail. If I had to pick a classic, it would be “Angry Midget” in Squamish or “Mohawk” in Bellingham.

What’s your go-to ride snack? I like to eat candy while I’m riding. The sour candies from the bulk section are my favourite! Every candy-fuelled ride is the best ride. And they are also popular for sharing!

Who’s your favourite riding buddy and why? Zoe (my 6-year-old pup) is really my favourite. She is always pushing me to go faster, take creative lines and then to take breaks at every watering hole. In Squamish, I am pretty lucky to also have a rad group of ladies to shred with. There are a bunch of us at a similar level and we have developed a bit of a squad.

What’s your must-have ride accessory? The EDC one up tool. This thing is amazing! I used to loose my multi-tool all the time and waste so much time looking for it. Now, my tools are just always on my bike!

What’s a bike handling skill you’d still like to learn or master? I would like to slash berms so hard that I spray dirt everywhere. I would like to be able to learn how to nose manual, it looks so easy but its sooo scary! Also, whips of course. I have just started moving my bike around in the air and it is so addicting.

What’s your dream riding destination you still want to explore one day and why? I want to go to Tasmania! The riding looks so good there. The whole culture seems to be pretty centered around the development of mountain biking. The trails look like a perfect combo of tech rock rolls, big jumps and fun corners. And, let’s not forget about those views of course!

What’s your favourite drink? I’m really into ginger kombucha right now. A really gingery moscow mule has been at the top of the list as well.

A quote/philosophy you live by: Work less, ride more.

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