Marie-Christine Daignault

Québec Ambassador

When did you start mountain biking and why? In 2016, my aunt initiated me to mountain bike because she thought that would be my kind of sport. Well, she was right! I fell in love instantly.

What’s your favourite local trail to ride? Sentiers du Moulin, Lac-Beauport

What’s your go-to ride snack? Hummus and apple (yep!)

Who’s your favourite riding buddy and why? I have lots of buddies I love to ride with, but Isabelle Gariépy is among my best because we are just a great fit (in life and on the bike). It’s as friendly and fun as it is challenging.

What’s your must-have ride accessory? Socks. I’m crazy about socks! In fact, I buy socks wherever I bike.

What’s a bike handling skill you’d still like to learn or master? Bunny hops! It is pretty hard to bunny hop in a fluid, gracious move. ;)

What’s your dream riding destination you still want to explore one day and why? New Zealand because it seems to be the mountain bike paradise!

What’s your favourite drink? Microbrewery dark beer

A quote/philosophy you live by: “Je suis heureux et rien n’en est la cause” Christian Bobin (I am happy and nothing is the cause).

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