What she's riding
Custom Sight Carbon

Melanie Schumacher

British Columbia Ambassador

When did you start mountain biking and why? I started mountain biking in Spring of 2015. It was a way I could discover my backyard (Whistler at the time), keep fit, and go on adventures!

What’s your favourite local trail to ride? Mt. Fromme: 7th Secret, Mt. Seymour: Pangor to Boogie Nights

What’s your go-to ride snack? Anything peanut butter

Who’s your favourite riding buddy and why? My husband Rob. He constantly challenges me, encourages me, and is always there to share the stoke of awesome moments with high-fives!

What’s your must-have ride accessory? My backpack – it has everything I need; from tools to extra food & water to an emergency kit.

What’s a bike handling skill you’d still like to learn or master? Raised log features and bridges (i.e. 7th Secret)

What’s your dream riding destination you still want to explore one day and why? Madeira Portugal because it would bring my two loves together: Portugal (culture, views, food) and biking

What’s your favourite drink? Alcoholic? A cold pint of Guinness Non-alcoholic? Coffee!

A quote/philosophy you live by: Trust your gut

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