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Looking for specs or geometry on an older Norco model? We keep bike information back to 2007. Select a year below to get started!

Ares 20Aurum A7.1Aurum A7.2Aurum C7.1Aurum C7.1 ENVEAurum C7.1 FramekitAurum C7.2Aurum C7.3Bigfoot 4.3Bigfoot 6.1Bigfoot 6.1 EBigfoot 6.2Bigfoot 6.3Blaster 12Blaster 14Charger 2.1Charger 4.1Charger 7.0Charger 7.1Charger 7.2Charger 7.2 FormaCharger 7.3Charger 9.0Charger 9.1Charger 9.2Charger 9.3CitadelCitadel STCityglideCityglide 2-Speed AutoCityglide 3IGH mixteCityglide 8IGHCItyglide 8IGH WomensCityglide SSCityglide WomensFluid 2.2Fluid 4.2Fluid 6.2Fluid 7.1Fluid 7.2Fluid 7.2 FormaHeart Fixed GearIndie 1Indie 2Indie 3Indie 3 FormaIndie 4Indie 4 FormaIndie IGHIthaqua 6.1Ithaqua 6.1 FrameIthaqua 6.2Ithaqua 6.3MagnumMalahatMalahat STMermaid 10 RunMermaid 12 RunMermaid 14Mermaid 16Mirage 16Mirage 20Ninja 10 RunNinja 12 RunNinja 14Ninja 16One25Optic 7 FramekitOptic 9 FramekitOptic A7.1Optic A7.2Optic A9.1Optic A9.2Optic C7.1Optic C7.2Optic C7.3Optic C9.1Optic C9.2Optic C9.3PlateauPlateau STRampage 6.1Rampage 6.1 FramekitRampage 6.2Range A7.1Range A7.2Range C7.1Range C7.1 FramekitRange C7.2Range C7.3Range C7.4Revolver 7 FramekitRevolver 7.1Revolver 7.1 FSRevolver 7.2Revolver 7.2 FSRevolver 7.3Revolver 7.3 FSRevolver 7XXRevolver 9 FramekitRevolver 9.1Revolver 9.1 FSRevolver 9.2Revolver 9.2 FSRevolver 9.3Revolver 9.3 FSRevolver 9XXRevolver SL 7 FramekitRevolver SL 9 FramekitRideauRideau STRio Vista MensRio Vista Womens Step-ThruRise 18Rise 20Ryde 24Ryde 26Samurai 16Samurai 20Santiago MensSantiago Womens Step-ThruSasquatch 6.1Sasquatch 6.1 FramekitSasquatch 6.2Sasquatch 6.2 RigidSearch A.105Search A.TiagraSearch C.105Search FramekitSearch UltegraSight A7.1Sight A7.2Sight C7.1Sight C7.1 FramekitSight C7.2Sight C7.3Sight C7.4Sparkle 12Sparkle 14Storm 2.1Storm 2.2Storm 2.3Storm 4.1Storm 4.2Storm 4.3Storm 7.1Storm 7.1 FormaStorm 7.2Storm 7.3Storm 7.3 FormaStorm 7.4Storm 7.4 FormaTactic 105Tactic Dura-AceTactic SL Disc Dura-AceTactic SL Disc FramekitTactic SL Disc Ultegra RS505Tactic SL Disc Ultegra RS685Tactic SLR Dura-AceTactic SLR FramekitTactic SLR UltegraTactic UltegraThreshold A 105Threshold A SoraThreshold C 105Threshold C RivalThreshold SL Force CX1Threshold SL FramekitThreshold SL UltegraTorrent 7.1Torrent 7.2Two50Two50 FrameValence 105Valence 105 FormaValence ClarisValence Claris FormaValence Disc 105Valence Disc 105 FormaValence Disc TiagraValence Disc Tiagra FormaValence SL Dura-Ace Di2Valence SL FramekitValence SL Ultegra Di2Valence SoraValence Sora FormaValence TiagraValence Tiagra FormaValence UltegraVFR 1VFR 2VFR 3VFR 3 FormaVFR 4VFR 4 FormaVFR 5VFR 5 FormaVFR 6VFR 6 Step-ThruVolt 20XFR 1XFR 2XFR 2 FormaXFR 3XFR 3 FormaXFR 4XFR 4 FormaYorkvilleYorkville ST